Cake Shop Kitchen Rack


This old wooden rack and towel holder was in search of a new lease on life. So that’s exactly what it got!  Meet “CAKESHOP 1988,” my new utensil and towel rack.

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Summer-inspired Tray Makeovers

Our monthly local vintage flea market is only a 15-minute drive from home. Vendors line the aisles with wonderful “trash to treasures.” A few months ago, I bought these two lap trays, with the short metal foldout legs. We used trays like this when we were kids when we were sick and got to eat in bed.


Click through to see the tutorial and after pics!

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Laptop Tray Makeover

A rainy day here in Southern California, is a wonderful, yet rare occurrence. Today is just one of those dreary-but-great-to-stay-indoors kinda day.  So I grabbed a cup of tea and a few wafer cookies, and sat on my bed writing this post.

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